Thursday, August 2, 2012

Rumor Has It: Usher

Singer, Usher, is not without speculation ranging from sexual orientation to who's he romancing, to his showing up to his step son's funeral.

I'm Going To Say She Was High When She Said This

The evangelist, once known as singer,actress, Vanity, of the popular girl group, Vanit 6, had often described her father, of African American decent, as "a big, black, hulking guerilla. Wow! She had to have been high when she said this.

Hollywood Nostalgia:Jean Bell

Actress and Playmate, Jean Bell, is most remembered for her role as a blaxploitation heroin...particularly in the film TNT Jackson. However, what most don't know

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Not So Blind Item:Trina

Kegels hasn't been too kind to her. As a matter of fact, if she doesn't resort to fixing her problem, she may not ever be able to hold on to another NBA athlete again.

Jennifer Lopez:The Lowdown and Rumor Has It.....

Now, a lot of people swore up and down that I didn't know what in the world I was talking about when I was discussing J-Lo's love interest with this Casper fellow until it was several weeks to months later when what he's all about came to surface (much like a lot of things that I have been saying). Well, since we now know, in full, what the hustler is about, lets talk about her for a minute.
Much of her inability to hold a man, as of late, is not so much the man's fault but hers. There has not been times when Jenny didn't seem to wake up without the motive of "what girl can I get to lick the clit today". Since she is considered a "trailblazer for the Latin community in mainstream entertainment, it was not on her talent and willingness to sleep with many men in the industry but by starting out as an industry candy licker herself.
Many speculate that she, as a member of the industry's illustrious fraternity, feels that she is entitled to have aspiring female entertainers to resort to performing lesbian sex acts on her as a means to follow suit to make it big.
Rumor has it:
That when J-Lo was with Sean Combs, he would insist that she participate in group sex sessions. Occasionally, those sessions was for his benefit as they started out with men that he wanted to get next to and possibly film for the sake of having leverage over them in the business but he needed an attractive bait. Think blackmail. Since J-Lo was considered the most desirable woman in the business by most men, she fit the bill perfectly. Her reward for her services, assuming that all things went well, was not only press/recording time, publicity, endorsements, etc but also a woman of her choice during her down time. There was an instance in which things didn't go as planned with an R&B singer. Had he followed suit, his music would be much in demand rather than fledgling in sales. Who is he?

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