Thursday, March 29, 2012

Nia Peeples Still Ashamed About Union With Howard Hewitt

You may remember actress, Nia Peeples, from Fame or from Walker Texas Ranger. Well, a few years ago, the actress was married to singer, Howard Hewitt. Whenever she was asked if she was in fact his wife, she would go as far as stating that they are nothing more than just "good friends".

The Group Atlantic Star Were Nothing More Than A Group Of "Queens"

Some of you following me or just viewing the site and therefore, contacting me anonymously, may not know who the group, Atlantic Star, was.

Rihanna = Pass Around Pussy

Rihanna will not ever get around the fact, upon finding out, that she is considered the new pass around pussy in the industry. I gather that Ashton just "got next".

Demi Moore Shouldn't Have Laughed At Vesta Williams *smh*

Actress, Demi Moore, probably shouldn't have laughed at the late singer, Vesta Williams. Williams was romantically involved, for years, with actor, Bruce Willis prior to his "up and marrying" Moore.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

What Goes On In The Hamptons...

Well, judging by the picture used in this post, you may know a few of these celebrities without having to look long are twice.

When Was The Last Time You've Seen The Olsen Twins On TV?

So, when was the last time you've seen the Olsen Twins on television? Probably been quite some time now.
Well, perhaps part of the reason why they are not on television and needless mention, in the box offices is because they don't need that kind of work anymore.
The reason why they don't need that kind of work anymore is because these two ladies are adults and have moved on to a more seedy form of making millions...prostitution.

Keith Sweat May Lose It ALL

Just when one would think that this guy was really doing well for himself, he turns around and shows most differently. Perhaps, his ideas for reality shows really didn't pick up the necessary buzz he was hoping for and since they didn't, singer, Keith Sweat may stand to lose all that he has worked for.

Mic Jagger's Take On Working With NonWhite Artists Is...REPULSIVE

Rolling Stone's front man, Mic Jagger, may be one of the most successful men to ever perform on stage but one thing for certain, he is far from being the most professional to work with.

Not So Blind Item: Which One Am I Talking About?

Well, the reason why the group was having such a hard time in producing another album in quite a few years was largely due to one of the member's drug habit. Rather than showing up to the studio as scheduled, he would normally be in a project somewhere in Atlanta if not in Dunwoody, Georgia getting absolutely stoned.
Speaking of which, the group's declining popularity was largely due to his being found in the Dunwoody home of a former Caucasian adult film actress. She was not quite a blond bombshell but she was considered "doable" and her work could be seen on HBO in which she worked under a masculine name.

Prince Gave Michael Jackson Secret To Box Office Success

picture by Getty Images
 Okay, so I found this picture rather humorous to share what I want to say about these gentlemen.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Joy Of Being Right About A Lot Of Things Thus Far IS.....

The joy of being right about a lot of things I have said thus far is

Monday, March 19, 2012

R. Kelly On The Best Time To Be Intimate With A Woman

Now, you already know that when R. Kelly says woman, that is code name for woman child; a girl under the legal age of consent.
Since we have that all of the way, Kells has mentioned that the best time to be intimate with the female persuasion is when she is at that time of the month.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Not So Blind Item: Cartel

She is known to be a southern socialite who has made a name for herself several times on television promoting her profession. However, before she had made a modest success for herself in her chosen field, she was heavily involved in several drug cartels, a weapon ring during the mid 90's in addition to an auto and identity theft ring culminating in several of her associates arrests and her walking away scott free from incurring any charges.
Needless mention, an agreement was met between her and her future spouse in which she would marry him upon his release -- which she did.

Why Can't Kim Kardashian Get The Message?

Why can't reality vixen, Kim Kardashian, get it through her head that Reggie Bush really doesn't want her?

Before Common Ever Talks About Another Person's Hygiene....

Before hip hop artist, Common, ever speaks again about another person's hygiene, perhaps he should get his in order;meaning, he should bathe more often than for working on sets  and carry a few Altoids for his issues with halitosis.
Additionally, he may want to watch how much saliva he lathers a blunt wrappers with or he will have a serious reduction in the number of smoking partners he has. It's bad enough that the ones he have at present are the ones who usually have to supply the weed to begin with.

Sandra Bullock Sure Knows How To Pick Them!

In and out of love actress, Sandra Bullock, sure knows how to pic a man..the wrong man at best.

If Chris Brown Decides On Marrying Rihanna, Where Does This Leaves Karruche?

As you already know, Chris Brown is having cake and eating it too. Well, word has it that Chris is thinking about marrying troubled singer, Rihanna -- who is all for the nuptials. If this does really happen, where would this leave his current girlfriend, Karruche?

Britney Spears Calls Off Wedding!

Speaking of pending nuptials, Pop diva, Britney Spears calls off her wedding! Why? She finally saw the red flags that would have had her repeating past mistakes. About time.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Did Prince Stop Georgio's Career In Music?

Many people had wondered whatever happened to an 80's singer on the rise simply called Georgio. Well, truth be told, his career came to a standstill because he was considered by most, as a cookie cutter of Prince (who later agreed). Considering that there was one who had a made a living at making androgynous sexy and the color purple a trademark, there was no room for another.

Christopher Walken Sweating Bullets About The Natalie Woods Case

As you know, they had reopened the Natalie Woods case; the case that was considered either cold or a mystery surrounding her death via drowning decades ago.

A Beyonce Having A Baby Moment

Maybe Beyonce's new bundle of joy be a way that she could make amends with herself for the children she had aborted in the past to

Beyonce's Physique As The Source Of Her Income Backfires!

One would think that a man would be pleased when his wife, one of the most famous women in the world, would have his child. Unfortunately, that is not the case for Beyonce'. Is largely due to the fact that the singer did not go the traditional route of birthing the baby? Yes, it is.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Was This Rapper The Victim Of A Studio Gang Rape?

Was OutKast's, Andre 3000, the victim of a studio gang rape several years ago?

Jennifer Lopez Still Has Jamie Foxx Upset

Singer/Actor, Jamie Foxx, is still upset with Latin Diva, Jennifer Lopez...over the same thing as before. Why can't he just let that go?

The Lengths A Man Go Through To Hide His Sexual Orientation & Penchant For VDs

Isn't it amazing the great lengths a man will go through to hide his ever noticeable sexual orientation? Yes, it is.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Sandra Bullock Supporting Male Escorts?! NO!

Well, sometimes people find the most interesting ways to get over their dry seasons and sometimes, that includes living out a few expensive fantasies.

Could Keysha Cole Get Blackballed From Music Industry?

If she doesn't get in the studio and owe up to her obligations to churn out albums, yes.

A Body Found At Buckingham Palace! Has The Investigation Been Swept Under Rug?

Roughly two months ago, a body of young woman was found just behind Buckingham Palace. How did this happen?

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

...So Bobby Brown Wants To Write A Tell All

Interesting that R&B singer, Bobby Brown, wants to write a tell all about his life and time with the late Whitney Houston. As we all know, the dead can't talk and defend him/herself against their would be attackers but would it be interesting if someone would put a pen to a pad and begin writing about Mr. Robert Brown? Yes, it would.

They'd Rather She Be In Rehab

 The surviving family of the late Whitney Houston rather Bobbi Kris be in rehab than to speak with anyone about anything because of what she may say could be incriminating and link her to being literally in the room with the singer at the time of her demise.

Somewhere Jennifer Anniston Is Laughing

The saying, "how you get them is how you keep them",  must be evidently clear to actress, Angelina Jolie, who lured actor, Brad Pitt, from his abode with then wife, Jennifer Anniston.

Jessica Simpson Is Making Eric Johnson's Ex Upset

As you know, Pop singer, Jessica Simpson, is expecting her first child soon. However, not everyone is as elated with the news of her pending motherhood.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Could Whitney Houston Been Murdered?

Well, according to some, yes, she could have been but that may be a "truth" that we won't ever know for certain.

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