Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Did You Know? Johnny Gill Gave Sylvester Stallone Voice Lessons

Singer, Johnny Gill, tried to assist actor, Sylvester Stallone with his voice by providing him with voice lessons. The objective was to aid the actor in not sounding so monotone or nasal.

Why Won't They Just Come Out The Closet?

For the life of most strippers and exotic dancers in this great nation, I must ask, why won't the half of this team not just come on out the closet?

Monday, February 27, 2012

Pamela Anderson Tricking For Parts? NO!

Wasn't it quite obvious that actress, Pam Anderson, was more than likely a prostitute? Well, if not, she was prior to making appearing on the show, 'Home Improvement', as Tim the Tool Man Taylor's assistant.

Was Halle Berry A Prostitute Prior To Becoming A Hollywood Starlet?

Although actress, Halle Berry, did not moonlight as a prostitute prior to making it big in Hollywood, she did have a well to do Caucasian sponsor.
As a matter of fact, the gentleman, identifies himself as well respected in the medical field, ergo, cosmetics as well as a former flame who did help Ms. Berry with expenses under a very clear understanding.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

This Is What Knowing What You Are Talking About Can Get YOU!

Hello, everyone. I am on vacation right now and am enjoying my new home that was purchased, as a gift, from a handsome celebrity. You can get one too if you know EXACTLY what you are talking about. Thanks for reading and I will be right back with more juicy tidbits next week!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Whitney Houston's Farewell Service Under Scrutiny?

The Winans say that late singer, Whitney Houston's, homegoing service will be having church;however, there were a lot of whispers

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Halle Berry & Olivier Martinez Save The Date!

Well, they say that actress, Halle Berry, mentioned that she would NEVER walked down the aisle ever again. However, that may not be the case after all.

What Did Singers Janet Jackson & Whitney Houston Have In Common

It was nice of singer, Janet Jackson to extend support and blessings to the surviving Whitney Houston's surviving family.

Whitney Houston May Be Still Alive IF.....

Singer, Whitney Houston may still be alive if she had followed up with actor, Kevin Costner rather than taking her chances with fellow singer, Bobby Brown.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Gabriel Aubrey and Daughter Nahla Headed To A CLINIC???!!!

Just one question, what is the chances of Nahla being autistic? I know the difference, as would anyone else between a daycare and a clinic posing as a daycare for children with special needs. Aubrey was clearly seen leaving a clinic where children with autism are treated. Again, could the child be autistic?

Blind Item:Celebrity Passing More Than The Gift That Keeps On Giving

Pop singer, Brittney Spears had encounters with this celebrity during a hiatus or cheating phase with then boyfriend, Justin Timberlake. Unfortunately, she didn't really contemplate the chances that this celebrity, who happened to be a heartthrob and philanderer, would pass her an STD. Although non life threatening, it is quite contagious during breakouts.
Perhaps her possibly transmitting to Timberlake and having a confrontation about it and her possibly denying may have been the straw that broke the camel's back in their relationship.
Well, she may be able to count her lucky stars as it just being that particular STD considering that this same heartthrob looks a putrid mess these days.

Who Would Have Ever Thought It

Well, since the NFL season is finally over *lmao*, who would have ever fashioned the ever so professional NFL great, Eli Manning as a flasher.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Race Relations In Hollywood: Marry White Screw Black

Interesting how a white man will date and marry a fellow white woman but fuck black. Case and point, Wayne Newton and John Travolta.

Hospital Confession

 When singer, Rick James, was admitted in Columbus, Georgia's St Francis Hospital for cardiac health issues, I found it interesting what he had to share when all I wanted was to get a look at him. I must admit, he didn't look as bad as people made him out...granted the part about his teeth was accurate.
Anyway, he told me about his career as a singer, the people he worked with, his children and his days moonlighting as a pimp while carrying a successful music career.

What Is Wrong With This Picture Of MacCaulay Culkin?

Is this not giving a shit about one's appearance one of the side effects or repercussions of being a child actor? If so, just damn!
In the meanwhile, I will just wonder if actress, Mila Kunis, is glad that she is no longer with him.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Blind Item: Staying High = Unwanted Children

This bi racial actor, who passes as white, is the epitome of dazed and confused. He stays in a drugged and drunken stupor and therefore, cannot recollect a day’s activities from the next. This is the reason why women like him so much because he is easy picking to pin children on just as much as he is to leach on.  Who is he?

All 'The Critics' Love Prince:Sheena Easton, Morris Day, Apollonia, etc

Now, there are a lot of people who claim that the singer, Prince, has complexion issues or is just clearly color struck; always has been always will be. Therefore, if individuals, namely women, were not as light as he or of a race non identifiable as African American or of African decent, then, don’t count on him as having any real interest. 

Are Serena Williams And Keanu Reeves The Only Celebs With Poor Hygiene?

I, for the life of me, will not understand how a man will tolerate a woman who does not keep her hygiene under control. Serena Williams is known for not having that not so fresh feeling daily.

Mathew Mcconaughey Doesn't Let Bong Habit Hinder Him

With all the pressures that famous people experience, no wonder a lot of them resort to having drug problems to cope. It is just too bad that sometimes, what starts out as a recreational drug habit takes presedence in their lives to the point that their priorities strictly revolve around finding the next high moreso than making a living.

Well, one thing that is commendable about actor, Mathew Mcconaughey, is that he does not

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

NFL Blind Item: Moonlighting As A Rapist

We already know and have heard about Ben Roethlisburger's presumably stellar reputation with women but lets keep in mind that most athletes don't have to force themselves on women as their presumed fortune and status speaks for them. However, there is an African American athlete who had gained notoriety for drugging then sexually assaulting women.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Denzel Washington Has Illegitimate Offspring In Atlanta? Go Figure

Actor, Denzel Washington, one of the best in Hollywood, will be making another film debut towards year's end. The film, 'Flight', will star him, again, as 'the bad guy' however with a twist: rather than intimidating everyone in his path, he has a drug addiction.
Now for the juicy stuff--- and not that I am trying to knock the Sanaa Lathan affair,

Kim Kardashian Is Trying To Find God. Hope It Works!

When all else fells, go to church. That is what reality star, Kim Kardashian

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