Thursday, April 19, 2012

Not So Blind Item: Chaka Khan

Singer, Chaka Khan, has been making a mild roar about what is happening in the industry as of late. I wonder why? Could it be that the chickens have finally come to roost?

Could What Happened To Rodney Harvey Be Blamed On Hollywood?

Some of you may remember actor, Rodney Harvey, from the book to movie turned television show, The Outsiders. Don't worry if you don't because the show was short lived anyway. Why? Harvey was found dead from a drug overdose in a seedy hotel for the show even took footing.

Steven Seagal, Jean Claude van Damme and Prostitutes and Other "Women"

Actors, Steven Seagal and Jean Claude van Damme always had a few things in common: natural disdain for one another as actors with questionable martial arts backgrounds, naturally abusive streaks that makes it practically impossible for either to hold a woman once reeling one in and a fondness for prostitutes. Speaking of prostitutes, Seagal has been rumored to have not been paying for full services rendered as of late.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Blind Item: The Jacksons

The family Jackson will always be cemented as one of the most famous family acts in entertainment just as much as the most dysfunctional with far to many secrets in which one would be the death of surrounding one of the sibling's wife.

How Does Lil Wayne Pull Such Beautiful Women?

Considering that rap artist, Lil Wayne, hasn't always been as unattractive as he is now, people often wonder exactly how he was pulling such beautiful women.

Surviving The Entertainment Business Unscathed

 Now, we all have heard of the religious practices, rituals, etc that takes place before the unsuspecting eyes in the entertainment business. Therefore, we have also heard of the penalties that many celebrities or players in the industry face should they renege, refuse, etc to participate further than what they already have; meaning, career suicide, chronic nervous breakdowns to untimely demises.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Blind Item: The Only Way She Can Get A Man Interested

The only way she can get a man interested in her is by buying him. This has been her MO ever since she has been in the music industry...especially since she is not considered attractive.

Black Women...You Need Not Be Flattered

Although actress, Robert De Niro, is known to date, marry, etc women of color, he may be credited as the celebrity who has been "putting on" a slew of white actors, like Sean Penn and Leonardo DiCaprio, to the joys of dating black women.

Hollywood Nastalgia

Well, it has been several weeks since the blog site, Crazy Days and Nights, had posted an article about ailing actor, Kirk Douglas, having sexually assaulted late actress Natalie Wood.

How Come That Aaliyah Movie Didn't Make See The Light Of Day?

Well, as many of you may know, there was supposed to have been a bio released roughly 2 years ago about the late singer, Aaliyah.
Unfortunately that film, although there was hype surrounding a release, didn't see the light of day. Much of it surrounded who was most fit to portray the singer whereas most of it was in what those who knew her

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