Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Date This NFL Player If You Want To Be Assaulted

We have all heard of the times when Dallas Cowboys, Michael Irvin, was charged with supposedly raping a woman prior to being considered a mere sex addict to beat the charges but if you as a woman who is just dire in wanting to date an NFL ball player, even in his post years, please refrain from dating this one.

Blind Item:Will Smith Didn't Appear Effeminate For A Role A Jealous Rival Did

We all know that actor, Will Smith, is one of the most successful men in Hollywood in general.

Could Hugh Jackman Be Clint Eastwood's Son?

Now, I often said that actors, Hugh Jackman and Clint Eastwood, resemble. Considering that Clint was quite the ladies man in his hay day....

just asking.

Clint Eastwood Run In With A Porn Star Goes BUST!

As you may recall, actor, Clint Eastwood, was one of the most handsome men in Hollywood and moreover, one of the most desirable.

One Of The Cosby Kids Talk To Much?

Well, subliminal accordance to Bill Cosby, yes, one of the Cosby Kids did talk a tad too much.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Singer, Freddy Jackson Is Broke

Well, many people want to harp on singer, Whitney Houston's, supposed financial disparity;a charge that she says is nothing more than vicious lies considering that she is far from being broke. Who started that rumor?

Blind Item: He's So Pretty For A Druggie

This singer was mostly known for being the epitome of pretty. Most women loved his soprano voice just as much as they felt as if he was personally singing to him.

Does Prison Stint Cause A Man To Suffer Bouts Of Inadequacy?

 To answer the question, yes it does.

How Does Eva Mendez Stay Out Of The Blogs?

That is an interesting question..considering that some actresses with the same ties to the same circles always find themselves in them for one reason or another.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

What Do Tom Cruise And Barbara Walters Have In Common?

Aside from neither ever taken a bad picture, they both slept with the same African American politician

Vanessa Bryant Snubs Appearing On VH1 Reality Show, Basketball Wives

The former wife of NBA great, Kobe Bryant, slam dunks on VH-1 by refusing to appear as one of the new cast members on the show, Basketball Wives.

Blind Item: Is She Finally Seeing A Man "Her Own Age"?

After playing in the neighborhood and school house sandboxes for years, is she really seeing a man who is her age?

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Blind Item: Heroic Sister

Aside from this entertainer having a strong fan base, she had enough party to will two of her siblings out of legal jams they found themselves tied to; one an issue of child support for a child proven to be his and the other a matter of being implicated in his former wife's murder. Ironically, these legalities happened within a year of one another.

Did Singer Prince Force A Woman To Have An Abortion?

According to an eccentric singer who always came across as scorned in her music, the singer, Prince, had forced her to have an abortion as he was not ready

Prince Is Considered A Snooze Fest In The Bedroom

Maybe it comes with becoming an older gentleman because for the life of me, I would have never thought that singer, Prince would not know his way around a bedroom but after hearing what a former protege had to say, I willingly digress -- mostly because of the age he was at the time in comparison to now that I was hoping would be sufficient.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Blind Item: Socialite Using Her Genital As A Stash Deposit

She can always be seen at the latest star studded events in which the A-list of Hollywood are usually gathered.

Is A Divorce Hovering In The Air For Beyonce and Jay-Z?

If a divorce is in the air for entertainment's power duo, expect it to be silently done starting initially by the two being rarely seen together although the two have a child together.

Could Late Actor, Heath Ledger's Death Been Prevented?

According to an eye witness and reports given, yes, it could have but under the demand of Ms. Olsen, who either out of fear or clearly not thinking,

Was Halle Berry The Cheating Kind?

Even beautiful women take into consideration that they are infact beautiful. Berry is not the exception. Unfortunately, romancing one than one man at a time comes with consequences...being beaten.
Although she admits that she was in a tumultuous affair with actor, Wesley Snipes years ago, she did fail

Friday, January 20, 2012

RIP Etta James

Legendary Blues singer, Etta James, best remembered for her hit, 'At Last', has died. The 73-year-old died today at Riverside Community Hospital from complications of leukemia. She will be missed.

Lada Gaga: The Poster Child For Pre-Op/Transgender Surgeries

Now, there has been many stories about Pop singer, Lady Gaga's, gender just as much has been said about her being a hermaphrodite who is getting surgery to have herself totally as she presents;a woman....but whatever.
What is interesting is that there is an actress

Was Paula Abdul Contracted To Marry A Relative?

Paula Abdul has not been one to fair too well with her relationships with men.

Is Beyonce Being Compensated To Remain With Jay-Z?

I am aware that there are those who believe in love at first sight just as much as gradually falling in love with a person over time because of quality of human content; however, there is the such thing as remaining "in love"

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Pilar Sanders: How She Really "Snag" Deion Sanders

 A beautiful woman she may be; however, we all know that looks, without substance let alone a carefully crafted plan, can only carry a woman but so far.

Rob Lowe:Oh How The Mighty Have Fallen

Although I don't believe that actor, Rob Lowe held up as well as Tom Cruise,

No She Isn't: Deelishis Pushing For A Reality Show

Chandra Davis, ne' London Charles ne' Deelishis of Flavor of Love Fame is peddling for a reality show of her own.

He's Back!!! Martin Lawrence Returns...To A Local Broadcasting Station Near You!

 Actor/Comedian, Martin Lawrence, will be making a return to t.v.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Megan Fox Vs. Lindsey Lohan

I just found out that Megan Fox and Lindsey Lohan are battling over who will portray the late Hollywood starlet, Elizabeth Taylor.

Is Connor Really Tom Cruise's Adopted Son Or Biological?

I always thought that actor, Tom Cruise, was and still is one of the most handsome men in Hollywood. However, when one really looks at his adopted son, Connor,

R. Kelly: The R&B Bully

Love him or hate him, there is not denying that R&B singer, R. Kelly, is one of the most talented recording artists in the industry and can be considered one of the most successful...even with unsavory legalities surrounding his name, his career in music remains undaunted.

Billie Dee Williams:Oh How The Mighty Have Fallen!

Now, I am not one to argue with women who said that actor, Billie Dee Williams, was hands down, one of the most handsome actor in Hollywood.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Was The Girl Group, Gyrl, Really Founded By R. Kelly?

Shortly after the late R&B singer, Aaliyah, had loosened ties and acknowledgment of any romantic ties to fellow singer, R. Kelly, a girl group, reminiscent of Aaliyah emerged.

Aerosmith's Steven Tyler Comes Clean About His Past

No matter what men like to say (namely that he is homosexual) about rock icon, Steven Tyler, the truth remains the same

Mic Jagger & His Contribution To Women

Legendary rock icon, Mic Jagger, has enough money to make most men in the role of a woman's benefactor come across as either inexperienced or absolutely broke.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Blind Item: Holding On To The Past

 He is one of the most famous singers in metal, alternative music. Leave it to fans to go as far as to say that he

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Blind Item: He's Hard To Live With

This handsome, Caucasian actor is known for his professionality on movie sets.

Reaping What He's Sewn

Now, he has always been merciless for his own entertainment.

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