Friday, July 27, 2012

Hollywood Nostalgia: Actress Grace Kelly Got Her Fairy Tale Ending But At What Cost?

Now this may interest some of you Illuminati heads out there.
The prince, Rainier, of Monaco needed a wife and Onasis, the owner of Monaco, thought of getting actress, Marilyn Monroe for him. However, she was suppose to be an Illuminati sex slave used to service the likes of JFK and others which made her an "unfavorable suitor" for the prince in relevance to a conflicting images; a royal personality with one of lechery, per se.  Enter actress, Grace Kelly via arrangement - courtesy of Onassis.
Unfortunately, Kelly's arranged wedding to the prince culminated into in a marriage the actress felt trapped in.  The reason being she found out too many secrets about the Freemasons amongst other Illuminati divisions and possibly the reason why she was murdered.

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