Friday, May 25, 2012

The Hollywood Pass Arounds Part I

Everyone knows now that Hollywood is a serious case of everyone sleeps with everyone...thus the name of the blog.
Interestingly enough, actress, Sally Richardson, is considered a prized piece in many Hollywood circles -- especially Will and Jada Smith's; swingers who were known to cater to her every whim considering that the beautiful actress has an equally voracious sexual appetite that rivals their own.
Yes, she is bi-sexual. Wasn't her role in the movie, Biker Boyz, evident?
By the way, Richardson, prior to marrying Dondre Witfield, better known as Robert on the Cosby Show, was one of actor's Robert Dinero's sex trinkets (recall a few articles ago that I said something about black women need not be impressed).

 Cree Summer

Speaking of the Cosby Show, actress, Lisa Bonet and and then husband, singer, Lenny Kravitz, use to have a similar arrangement with Bonet's fellow It's A Different World, cast mate, Cree Summer. Kravitz was the primary sponsor in the arrangement in which hard drugs, a habit that Kravitz would not admit to verbally, was a serious part of setting the mood.

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