Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Houston Rapper Still Spreading HIV

There is an African American rapper hailing from Houston, Texas who is spreading HIV to women.
It is shameful enough that there are women who will engage in unprotected sex with a man based on his popularity, fame, material wealth for some sort of gain; however, it is even worst when women will do such with a man whose recognition has fallen off the rap radar completely. I gather for some women, it is just the name he use to have that gives them a rise. He was quite popular in the beginning of his career but his ailment brought his rise to a quick downfall. You may know him through his rap in arms collaborator who is no stranger to soliciting dates via craigslist. Hint: Pall Wall is someone the craigslist solicitor has worked with.


Anonymous said...

no idea.

Anonymous said...

Mike jones

Nichole Mbayi said...

Oh lawdy I don't like rappers so wont have to guess!

Anonymous said...

Slim thug

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