Wednesday, February 8, 2012

All 'The Critics' Love Prince:Sheena Easton, Morris Day, Apollonia, etc

Now, there are a lot of people who claim that the singer, Prince, has complexion issues or is just clearly color struck; always has been always will be. Therefore, if individuals, namely women, were not as light as he or of a race non identifiable as African American or of African decent, then, don’t count on him as having any real interest. 

 I found it to be a tad insulting simply because of his past and presumable interest in the likes of singers Patrice Rushen, Susan “The Doll" of Vanity 6 in addition to Nona Gaye, daughter of late legendary singer Marvin Gaye ; women who are clearly not as fair as he let alone can identify themselves as anything other than African American, Black or any derivative relevant to the race.  When I argue this, those who say nay, usually respond by saying “those women were before the REAL money and the fame”…that usually cause me to close my mouth with “touché”.

However, there is one thing that seems to be consistent, he does have an eye for beauty -- even if the talent is truly lacking.  Fortunately, singer, Sheena Easton, managed to do a tad better in entertainment than most of the women who had any dealings with the singer. Easton did managed, under professional affiliation with him, to experience success in other music genres, namely Pop and R&B rather than be “pigeonholed” in Country Music . 
 Later, she was in actress and Bally’s campaign spokesman.  Unfortunately, while working with Prince on a project, her husband saw the singer as a threat to his happy marriage as it seemed that their relationship was becoming more personal than professional. According to her husband, Prince had resorted to showering Easton with expensive gifts in which a house was one of them. Is this the first time that Prince ever caused a rift in another’s man relationship or marriage with a woman? No but you can always ask Braselton, GA native, Kim Basinger about that.

Does the singer have issues with family ties? Of course he does. This is the same man who still doesn’t want people to know that Morris Day is his nephew.

Did he introduce Vanity to drugs? No, he didn’t. The man can’t stand the sight of paraphernalia and absolutely will not tolerate any substance abuse activities happening in his presence let alone in proximity.
Vanity was practically lulled into doing drugs while dating Nikki 6 by way of Vince Neill who liked her and couldn’t tolerate her being with Nik.  Ask Nik if you are up for a tongue lashing of epic humiliation in his defense.
As you may know, her drug addiction was out of control and was the reason behind her sister's break up with actor, Eddie Murphy who may have been her personal bail bondsman.

Why didn’t Apollonia Kotero fair well as an actress? Besides from not being that great of an actress (her singing is considered an atrocity), she was considered a threat to Hollywood’s leading film and television Caucasian actresses. Starlet, Margaret Fairchild can give testimony to that.


Donaldo "Donnyboy" Davisini said...

Give the man a break, please. Back in the day and even today the majority of sistas did not like his style, plain and simple. Hip Hop was dominating the urban airwaves & Prince's diverse musical genius would not be limited to one style. The multi racial band and choice of lead instrument didn't endear the Purple One many fans of colour after the Reign of Purple Rain... With the invasion of Prince & MJ on MTV, white ladies came out of the closet in droves in their quest for the Big, Black Experience. What man, those of the George Michael persuasion not withstanding, could resist the charms of Kim Basinger, Susanna Hoffs, Sheila E., Sheena Easton. When it comes down to it, women choose who they're taking to bed and those are the type that took him. 'Nuff said.

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