Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Mathew Mcconaughey Doesn't Let Bong Habit Hinder Him

With all the pressures that famous people experience, no wonder a lot of them resort to having drug problems to cope. It is just too bad that sometimes, what starts out as a recreational drug habit takes presedence in their lives to the point that their priorities strictly revolve around finding the next high moreso than making a living.

Well, one thing that is commendable about actor, Mathew Mcconaughey, is that he does not

let his minor drug addiction affect his work habits. He smokes at home and not on the job and sobers accordingly *now if only Charlie Sheen could take note*.
However, when the actor gets high, he has no problem with confusing the seasons and dressing according. 
How many people confuse winter with summer and walk around nude in the neighborhood and not face legal ramifications? That must be some good shit he hits and the neighbors must enjoy the view. I know I do.

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