Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Why Won't They Just Come Out The Closet?

For the life of most strippers and exotic dancers in this great nation, I must ask, why won't the half of this team not just come on out the closet?

The sex parties are not quite about their getting with partially dressed women who are down for anything but with each other after having taken time out to measure how much beef they hold between their legs prior to sharing amongst each other.
According to one of the players, M, whose trying to hold his relationship together with an unsuspecting woman and male flame, he's tired of holding secrets and even tired of pretending having sex with available loose women that they get from local strip clubs in metropolitan areas.
M also says that most of the league has an unspoken brotherhood fraternity in which they initiate other players for their  "reindeer games" from the team as well as from opposing.
Yes, this was the case when a certain NFL player from a team located in the south was in tears during a conference when "his friend" from a NFL team from due north was thought to be doomed to incarceration when he was involved in robbery gone wrong incident roughly a decade ago.
Now, I have already told you that half the Minnesota team is practically lovers amongst themselves but the two players outside the team, and part of the fraternity, are who?

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