Tuesday, February 7, 2012

NFL Blind Item: Moonlighting As A Rapist

We already know and have heard about Ben Roethlisburger's presumably stellar reputation with women but lets keep in mind that most athletes don't have to force themselves on women as their presumed fortune and status speaks for them. However, there is an African American athlete who had gained notoriety for drugging then sexually assaulting women.

It was not so much that he was afraid of being officially charged with sexual assault but the notion that he would be outed by the media was something that he heavily regarded as threatening to his NFL career.
Therefore, he would just resort to admitting to guilt by paying victims he usually met a clubs for their pain and suffering in out of court settlement and confidentiality agreements.
Unfortunately, his thrill seeking began to put a monetary strain not only on him but on management because his soirees were now affecting their ability to assist him in settlements. He was quietly traded to a mid west team considering the team he was on already had their fair share of shame upon it by various players and therefore, having a player moonlighting as a rapist was more than they could bear.
Who is he?
Who is the team?

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