Friday, February 10, 2012

Blind Item:Celebrity Passing More Than The Gift That Keeps On Giving

Pop singer, Brittney Spears had encounters with this celebrity during a hiatus or cheating phase with then boyfriend, Justin Timberlake. Unfortunately, she didn't really contemplate the chances that this celebrity, who happened to be a heartthrob and philanderer, would pass her an STD. Although non life threatening, it is quite contagious during breakouts.
Perhaps her possibly transmitting to Timberlake and having a confrontation about it and her possibly denying may have been the straw that broke the camel's back in their relationship.
Well, she may be able to count her lucky stars as it just being that particular STD considering that this same heartthrob looks a putrid mess these days.

Word has it that he won't take his meds, whatever they may be, to treat the matter. Several female celebrities, of movie, artistic expression and music fame, have been running scared to medical examiners since seeing him in this state to know whether they have been infected with "whatever it is he has".
If there ever was an example of "walking death", it would be him.
People can say as much as they like that he looks this way for a part so I digress but I one can honestly inquire, how long is that movie and why has he been looking sickly for several years now?
Who is he?
Hint, he has not been seen on the silver screen in over 6 years and one of his several roles was as a dare devil cop.

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