Thursday, February 9, 2012

Hospital Confession

 When singer, Rick James, was admitted in Columbus, Georgia's St Francis Hospital for cardiac health issues, I found it interesting what he had to share when all I wanted was to get a look at him. I must admit, he didn't look as bad as people made him out...granted the part about his teeth was accurate.
Anyway, he told me about his career as a singer, the people he worked with, his children and his days moonlighting as a pimp while carrying a successful music career.
Now that was the part I found interesting amidst heavy speculation. I just thought women liked him until he told me that women did not just liked him they loved him and did whatever they were told to do -- even flashing fellow celebrities at a moment's notice. He also told me that if there was an inkling of refusal, he was not above having them taken away and knocked around a bit until they were compliant.
However, his biggest achievement was a son who made it to the NBA.Unfortunately, this son, who looks a lot like him, didn't want to have anything to do with the legendary singer because the singer didn't want to have anything to do with him throughout the impressionable years of his life (I guess when a man has or is approaching rock bottom in his finances, looking to make amends with cast aside children makes a world of difference).
Insult to injury was his mother's own admission, after all this time, that she was one of James' willing prostitutes who split her time between the United States and Canada turning tricks..New York was the central hub.

In the meanwhile, I find it interesting that his other surviving children didn't capitalize on Usher's "OMG" sampling of the German chant towards the end of his Super Freak concert taping in the country.
Since the OMG track proved to be a successful tune for Usher, I don't see how it would not have been a handsome monetary gain for the Rick James' remaining children. Unfortunately, if one doesn't capitalize in the industry, they don't gain. Just saying.

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