Tuesday, March 6, 2012

They'd Rather She Be In Rehab

 The surviving family of the late Whitney Houston rather Bobbi Kris be in rehab than to speak with anyone about anything because of what she may say could be incriminating and link her to being literally in the room with the singer at the time of her demise.

Additionally, that she could have been too high at the time of the incident to be fully aware of what was going including "whatever part" that she may have had in it considering that were purportedly arguing heatedly prior to Houston being found dead. Now that sound subliminally similar to what was said about Princess Grace's untimely passing in which her daughter Caroline was whispered to have had an integral part, i.e a heavy hand in her death....but I leave that alone because that was never truly resolved. With that in mind, would this be any different.

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