Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Prince Gave Michael Jackson Secret To Box Office Success

picture by Getty Images
 Okay, so I found this picture rather humorous to share what I want to say about these gentlemen.
Supposedly, there was a collaboration on a music project that the two were to work on. Unfortunately, that did not happen but what did happen was Prince giving Michael Jackson advice, er, sharing a secret, on having a blockbuster film under his belt.
Jackson had flopped with the Captain E.O film and producers were hesitant about ever working with Jackson on other film projects whereas Prince was experiencing success from one film after another prompting Jackson to arrange to meet with him to discuss how he was drawing crowds to the cinema. Jackson decided to use his own sister, Latoya, as eye candy to ensure that Prince would debut to where the meeting was to be scheduled.
Unfortunately, throughout the meeting, Prince was more interested in Latoya than he was in discussing anything relevant to the secret of to his success but when all was said and done, his purple majesty did leave Jackson with a token; a box with a chicken bone and feather tied together with a purple string.
Unwittingly, Jackson discarded the token, of hoodoo nature, without giving a moment's pause to Prince giving to him what helped him in the box office...even if his films were mediocre at worst by most respected film critics at the time.

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