Thursday, March 8, 2012

A Body Found At Buckingham Palace! Has The Investigation Been Swept Under Rug?

Roughly two months ago, a body of young woman was found just behind Buckingham Palace. How did this happen?
Well, the body was found to be that of an immigrant who was supposedly brought to palace grounds by way of a hired driver in which Prince Harry was implicated as being the person who had sent for the young woman whose identity has not been released.
It has been widely speculated that the young woman had resorted to a life of prostitution to help her family through financial hardships they had been enduring since their living in the country.
However, the question remains who and how would anyone know really know that about her?
Reports stated that the queen will  have the matter thoroughly investigated to get to the bottom of the matter. Considering the hoopla surrounding the birth of Beyonce's daughter and the recent death of Whitney Houston, this investigation has not been seen or heard about since. In the meanwhile, Prince Harry was hamming it up with Olympic's own, Usain Bolt in the West Indies.

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