Friday, March 16, 2012

Why Can't Kim Kardashian Get The Message?

Why can't reality vixen, Kim Kardashian, get it through her head that Reggie Bush really doesn't want her?
The girl has gone as far as trying to adopt a child to get the man's attention and he is still not responsive. Why can't she get it that it is over and bringing a child in the picture that definitely isn't his is not going to help her situation in officially winning him back? Wasn't her stunt marriage more than enough evidence?


Anonymous said...

one can only feel sorry for her making such a desperate fool of herself..
reggie ????
she's been lying about him for years ..
nobody likes her company , she's unable to string a sentence together ....
she's so vertically challenged with such short stumpy legs that modeling is out of the question ..
only twitter & lotsa photoshop to make her unrecognizable is her only resource,...
she has money now perhaps she will invest it wisely because thereain't nobody in heaven or hell going near this woman with the stigma she now has of greed & watersports porn ...
feel sorry for her ..its sad ..
all the money she made wont buy her love..
lets hope shopping will console her until her old age ...

Anonymous said...

^^lmao I second that!

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