Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Not So Blind Item: Which One Am I Talking About?

Well, the reason why the group was having such a hard time in producing another album in quite a few years was largely due to one of the member's drug habit. Rather than showing up to the studio as scheduled, he would normally be in a project somewhere in Atlanta if not in Dunwoody, Georgia getting absolutely stoned.
Speaking of which, the group's declining popularity was largely due to his being found in the Dunwoody home of a former Caucasian adult film actress. She was not quite a blond bombshell but she was considered "doable" and her work could be seen on HBO in which she worked under a masculine name.
Her house was busted in a drug and prostitution sting by the authorities and there was no way he could get out as the house was completely surrounded.
The adult film actress was charged with child endangerment (as her child was present), drug distribution and solicitation. Although he was not formally charged with anything considering who he was, he was ordered to endure a stint in rehab; a failure all within itself because within a month, he was out and doing what he does best, getting high and therefore, hurting the group's chances of getting back on track to stardom.
Which one of these singers am I talking About?
Who was the adult film actress?

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