Wednesday, April 18, 2012

How Does Lil Wayne Pull Such Beautiful Women?

Considering that rap artist, Lil Wayne, hasn't always been as unattractive as he is now, people often wonder exactly how he was pulling such beautiful women.
For starters, it is not the promise of fame and his income bracket that is really reeling the ladies in but his capacity for practicing witch craft. The man is no stranger to throwing a spell or two on women to entice them into bed.
Perhaps, it's a Louisiana thing to ensure that he gets what he wants. Leave it to some women to say that his hygiene is less than sub par. I gather that the root work wore off on them to make that assessment but one thing for certain, women, who have been with him, really should get themselves tested considering that it has been widely confirmed that he has HIV.
Not to allude that one of his offspring's mothers has contracted the virus but I understand that she has been experiencing health woes that has caused men to stay a weary distance from her.

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