Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Surviving The Entertainment Business Unscathed

 Now, we all have heard of the religious practices, rituals, etc that takes place before the unsuspecting eyes in the entertainment business. Therefore, we have also heard of the penalties that many celebrities or players in the industry face should they renege, refuse, etc to participate further than what they already have; meaning, career suicide, chronic nervous breakdowns to untimely demises.
Interestingly enough, there are those who  managed to remain unscathed either because they either know how to play the game without being harmed or just come with tricks of their own. Two that comes to mind are musicians, Bob Dylan and Carlos Santana. These two gentleman have surely navigated the industry relatively unscathed.
However, Santana has mostly stood out to me because of his method includes practicing his own brand of religion to offshoot anything diabolical that could happen to him. When I sat and listen intently to him explain what he does, it sounds a lot like a blend of Santeria and Macumba which includes mild possession, assistance, protection from spirits.
Now, since there is heavy talks about most entertainers becoming "enlightened" via initiation phases, to propel their careers, in the business by allowing possession of some sort to take them over body and soul, how could Santana's practice be considered far fetched especially in safeguarding oneself against instances of refusal?

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