Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Black Women...You Need Not Be Flattered

Although actress, Robert De Niro, is known to date, marry, etc women of color, he may be credited as the celebrity who has been "putting on" a slew of white actors, like Sean Penn and Leonardo DiCaprio, to the joys of dating black women.

Unfortunately, most white men in Hollywood dating history with dating black women publicly has not fared as well for them as it has for the likes of De Niro culminating in their more than likely dating and marrying white while "creeping" black.

Actors like Michael Douglass would know first hand about this as he was seeing or stringing along a black woman for years during his marriage to his first wife. Fortunately, actress, Katherine Zeta-Jones was credited for being the end all of his marriage whereas the woman of color that he was seeing for years happened to be credited for being a "crazed stalker"; roles that singer Rihanna and actress, Zoe Saldona are quickly being affiliated with the white actors that they have been linked to as of late.

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