Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Hollywood Nastalgia

Well, it has been several weeks since the blog site, Crazy Days and Nights, had posted an article about ailing actor, Kirk Douglas, having sexually assaulted late actress Natalie Wood.
However, considering the brutish nature towards women that Douglas has always been known for, how is it out of character for him to ever having the capacity to do what was said?
 Til this day, Wood's sister holds true to the account and there are several  starlets who claim similar incidents in which he was the culprit but since they wanted to become an icons in Hollywood, they kept their peace but have now found some solace that Douglas' true character has come to light -- even in his ailing years.

Speaking of starlets and icons, there has always been a air of mystery surrounding the relationships that the late actress of iconic proportions, Elizabeth Taylor, had with men. The mystery I am speaking of is why is that the men that she has been involved with always suffer from near death illnesses. Interestingly enough, it has been widely speculated that her strings of insults directed at Haiti's political leader, roughly 50 years ago at a retreat turned charity event, had a lot to do with it. Yes, you have what I am alluding to....a spell was cast on the starlet resulting in her being a curse on most men who happen her way.

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