Thursday, April 19, 2012

Could What Happened To Rodney Harvey Be Blamed On Hollywood?

Some of you may remember actor, Rodney Harvey, from the book to movie turned television show, The Outsiders. Don't worry if you don't because the show was short lived anyway. Why? Harvey was found dead from a drug overdose in a seedy hotel for the show even took footing.

Many speculated that the handsome actor had a drug habit prior to ever becoming an actor whereas others dispute those allegations by firmly stating that he didn't develop a habit until he had had to deal with the pressures of the stardom he was experiencing. Not once did he nor they expected that his good looks would be his curse as every producer in Hollywood wanted a "crack at him" and the only way to stave off the feelings he had from his encounters was through developing an ill fated drug habit.
Now, what feelings that Harvey had can be left up to interpretation but whatever they were, they were enough for him to go into a shell and resort to drug usage to cope.

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Anonymous said...

Rodney was always closed up, needed to get out of the city and make something of himself. When he modeled for Calvin Klein he wanted me to run away with him to Hollywood, I laughed and told him to stop joking me. Gone for a few years to my last visit with Rod I saw him again at age 17 (me) he stayed a few days at my place then off he went again to meet up with Lisa Marie. That was the last i spoke with him, I saw then he was lost again, only wanting a real life, not ever finding it.He was my first love, and I hate the way he left us all. Drugs are not the answer, but when you have so much inside and no one knows how you feel, it turns out to be the secure blanket we all look for. God Bless.

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