Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Blind Item: The Jacksons

The family Jackson will always be cemented as one of the most famous family acts in entertainment just as much as the most dysfunctional with far to many secrets in which one would be the death of surrounding one of the sibling's wife.

It has been widely noted that she drowned, via accident, in the family's pool but there has been reports that showed that she was more than likely held underwater by head and throat because of markings found about her head and throat area.
Besides, she was heavily regarded as an excellent swimmer by all that knew her...including her famous father. Prior to his death, he said that he would always hold the family accountable for their actions and cover up concerning how she died.
Who was the famous father? his daughter? and which Jackson was she married to?

Another secret is that Latoya, the sister long held as the most fairest, of the three sisters, was handed out for years as a prostitute to secure deals for the family as entertainers. So, it wasn't just her former husband Jack Gardner, who was using her as a high profile lady of the night.

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