Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Beyond A Girl Crush

 It is one thing to for a woman to be comfortable with herself to be able to address women for their beauty but for a woman to outright find a woman sexually desirable is, all within itself, another.
Case in point, there was once upon a time when the likes of Ms. Jackson had talked openly about her attraction to recording artist, Alicia Keys.
However, there is another woman who has made the rounds in the industry for her notoriety as being fond of beautiful women in entertainment...particularly those who are struggling to either make of maintain a name for themselves.
She often poses as their sugar momma that preys on the vulnerable and the vain in the industry in the guise of sincerely interested in helping them be famous but in all actually she wants to control them and milk them of whatever "talent" they have left.
She offers financial stability, at a cost that the shrewdest of pimps could admire, in addition to making certain that they get the recognition she "feels" they deserve in the business. The reason why I say, "feels" is largely due to the fact that she works solely on sexual manipulation.
This attractive woman persists that these women engage in an array of sex acts which includes sadism for her amusement.
Too bad her clout is only in music; a sector in the business in which most of them, including herself, have fledgling careers...unlike Janet, the icon, who could have helped either of them along even if by dropping her name alone.
By the way, one of her latest but yet, long standing friendship has been with the woman deemed the female R. Kelly (click here for that) and now is trying her hand in religion.
Who is this sugar momma of fledgling female entertainers?
Who is the female R. Kelly?

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Anonymous said...

lol good one still no idea but could it be Pebbles.

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