Monday, December 12, 2011

Fashion Is Not A Business For Everyone

Some of you may not even remember when actress, Sarah Jessica Parker, had a fashion line. Well, her ambition as a designer of her own collection, Bitten by the way,
was relatively short lived simply because no one was really buying. Although her sense could be considered simple, yet chic, it was not enough to draw the fashion forward let alone others...unlike the lines of other celebs who have no fashion sense whatsoever.
Speaking of which, two female recording artists are experiencing extreme drawbacks in their collection to the point that they are rambling desperately for creative ideas from their "dwindling" fan base. One can always find them asking for feedback as to what they could do to make their lines better...a practically unheard of, and yet laughable, business move by those who have been in the fashion industry for years.
A male recording artist in hip hop just had his line dropped all altogether after his line experienced poor sales within the first quarter. Perhaps a well known transgendered entertainer, who is big in the fashion world, had a bearing on that....just think, all the hip hop artist had to do was say "hello".
Who are the recording artists with failed or failing fashion lines?
Who is the transgendered entertainer who put the hip artist clothing line to a standstill within the first quarter?

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