Friday, December 2, 2011

The Man Most People Loves To Hate Vs....

They say a fool and his money shall soon depart. I must agree but in the same breath I must digress. For some, it is not always true. Case in point, rap artist and businessman, Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson.
Most people were betting on his being at a loss of money because of his supposed "random, childish antics" but apparently, the man must be doing something absolutely right.
Not once have we heard anything about this man being in financial ruin since he has been in entertainment. Jackson has not even been the subject of foreclosure, bankruptcy or any other topic spelling monetary dispair unlike many other entertainers in the business.
One recording artist, in hip hop, rap etc has been having money issues for the longest. As a matter of fact, soon as he signed on the dotted line, he was already at a major loss because of all "the organizations" he owed money to in addition to the acquaitances he had practically kissed ass to keep. He was forever either "buying them" and promising them record deals and often times, the record deals really did not fall through with the exception of one!
Unfortunately that deal was worst than his own. They might as well had just signed their names on tissue because record executives practically wiped their behinds on it...much like they did his.
They were all just mere slaves to the industry itself and were often taunted as being "negroes with money".
As the taunt often implies, give black men some money, and watch how mindless they spend it. Considering that he was the atypical negro with some income, he practically lived by the saying. He has been the subject of foreclosures and bankruptcies that had been in the guise of "acts of nature?
This recording artist is practically broke and the one group that he managed to get a contract for has abandoned him. He has resorted to preying on young or vulnerable, lovelorn women for his livelihood. That is, when he is not being on the beck and call of one of the most noted music moguls in entertainment.
Who is he?

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