Thursday, December 8, 2011

What's In A Name?

Well, we do understand that sometimes, a man's name can be a burden; a mere roadblock to his moving forward in life especially in regards to career opportunities.

Case in point, actor, Martin Sheen, changed (or at least had that as an ultimatum) his name for the sake of making it big in Hollywood. He had the looks but his name was not quite matching up with what he looked like, ergo, Caucasian than Latin. I gather one can say it is a form of renouncing one's heritage to appease the masses, if you will....a common trend in everyday life just as much as it is in Hollywood.
Speaking of which, I always said that parents should be weary of the names they give their children although in so few delicate cases, it may not come back to haunt them. There are two, young Caucasian women who comes to mind in this regard. They are both of singer/actress caliber with very ethnic origin names; Destiny and Tameka.
When Destiny became rather emancipated from her parents, she legally changed her name to what we know it as whereas the industry changed Tameka's. By the way, Tameka is one of the biggest names in country music...right now.
Destiny is known for her racist outbursts whereas Tameka is highly regarded for her humbleness...but one thing they have in common aside from their birth names is that they both regarded them as being simply "niggerish".
Who are they?

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