Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Celebrities Who Deny Their Children: Blind Item

She comes across as classy and fashion forward more than ever in comparison to when she first came into the industry; classless, rude, saucy, etc with no sense of style to save life and limb.

She, as a recording artist, had several hits about a woman's refusal to have an abortion due to religious views. However, to many, it was not apparent that woman was indeed her. Her unwillingness to get rid of a child she, at the time, could "not afford", was considered a humiliation to her family;especially her father who had an unwitting blind hand in the child being sired.
The child's father happens to be her uncle, her father's brother...and a family secret that she has been harboring for years.
When this child wish to make a debut to the media, she quickly cuts him on every turn as questions would possibly reveal paternity.
Who is she?

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