Thursday, December 15, 2011

Celebrity Adoption Of Foreign Children

 There seems to be a boom in celebrities adopting foreign born children.
It never ceased to amaze me how much red tape that a celebrity will endure just to claim a child from another country as his, or namely, her own.
Unfortunately, most celebrities who are adopting these children are doing so with an unattractive agenda. It is not so much that they want these children to have the best of everything that life has to offer but because they are interested in cultivating these children into being domestic or sex slaves. Now, some of you may not believe this or want to believe this but it is true.
According to a foreign born actor raised abroad but hails from the continent where many children are making their way into American celebrity homesteads, this is in fact true as he has experienced this for himself.
The perk of being in a prestigious home mostly lies in the fact that the children will have access to best education has to offer but it is not at the cost of being demeaned and yet, since they are not apart of the general "continental culture", they would not know if they are truly being treated well in comparison to being abused simply because they are usually adopted at tender ages and therefore easier to manipulate into accepting abuse mistaken for love.
I guess that explains why there is a minimum of celebrities adopting children right here in the United States.
Now, not saying that the beautiful Sandra Bullock would do such a thing, as a matter of fact, she wouldn't, but there are those who would.


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i think it is bad

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sup dude

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