Friday, December 2, 2011

Female R Kelly

Before she became a world reknown entertainer, she always had a sexual fascination with young boys. In fact, her fascination has been regarded as so intense that she would become sidetracked from her adult responsibilities.

One of her encounters with a young boy almost ended in an extensive priosn sentence because of a "run-in" that she had with the young boy's mother. To avoid prison, she was court ordered to leave her home town and to never return; for if she did, she would be arrested sight seen.
Her career as an entertainer turned out to be rather fruitful. She enjoyed the perks of celebrity..the fame and what fortune she could garner while the spotlight shown favorably on her.
As far as romance with a man her own age, she was hardly ever seen with an adult male with the exception of one who tried to be a permanent fixture in her life.
Unfortunately, she could not resist the temptation of being in the throes of an adolescent so, her lusts for young boys prevailed resulting in the demise of her relationship with a man.
Whenever she performed in her hometown, it was not without parole oriented supervision...she was to perform for adoring fans and ultimately leave. This is a court order that holds up til this day.
Who is she?

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