Monday, November 28, 2011

All She Did Was Win

Now, lets put the pregnancy, as if she really is anyway, to the side for a moment, shall we and focus on something that Beyonce has in
common with another pop diva... a performer who wanted to be heavily involved in the entertainment industry.
The interesting thing about it, this performer was working over time in pleasing both women just to make it and was well known for his flexibility...which got him a leading role in several films to date.
Unfortunately for the other pop diva, she was too wound up in his affairs to pay attention to her own...needless mention, her marriage and dwindling interest in her music career. Speaking of her music career, she is catching pure hell in generating a buzz...ticket sales are practically non existent when that was never the case before because all she did was win.
Who is the performer?
Who is the other pop diva?

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