Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Daddy's Little Girl

She hails from a Christian upbringing and was no stranger to "bible thumping'"...right along with her father who steered her career as a catalyst to his own agenda; take as much as he can from what and whom she could attract.
Since she was using her penchant for being the "Good Girl", as her father taught her, she was quickly regarded as a role model for young women and girls who quickly became her fan base.
She could do no wrong..although her lyrics to most of her songs suggested she was simply over sexed. Her dress and "dancing" was no better.
She was affiliated with a lewd producer who was caught in several scandals ranging from drugging women for sex, money laundering via his label company and tax evasion.
She later married under the pretenses of being "pure" but most people knew better including the entertainer, who was "big" on the Pop and R&B charts, she married.
When her father managed to deplete him of his popularity and saw him as being a fledgling "cash cow", he, the entertainer was forced into a divorce and left with picking up the pieces of what was his career to this day.
Hers, on the other hand skyrocketed with a reach as mogul in other industries.
Who is she?
Who is her father?
Who was the entertainer husband?
Who was the scandalous producer?

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