Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Door Opener

Earlier, I talked about the recording artist who had the Big Break (click here for that).  Well, now, she is in
control of her career and now able to help and control others looking for the chance of a life time as entertainers. 
She is heavily regarded as one of the most shrewdest businesswomen in the industry functioning not only as an executive but as a scout for fresh talent of all description without ruling out how or what she did which was the basis for her becoming a mainstream success.
She found, managed, signed, etc several acts...one male group reduced to mediocre R&B recognition largely because of their chauvinistic views of women in power; the other, a Pop artist known for her rantings of unrequited love in addition to her being an occult practitioner. The most popular group signed was one known for their high energy and vicious lyrical content.
Interesting how some of her rituals went virtually unnoticed by audiences until she did something that outraged viewers of a very popular television program known to highlight how the rich and famous live. 
Her most prized feat was the cultivation of a man, rumored to have been found literally on the streets, career.
Perhaps his success was largely due to his endowment and good looks that made him be her controversial kept man for quite some time until she used her star power to compel a modeling agency to sign him. After a few years of professional modeling, he became an actor. Although he has an incredibly nasty attitude, he is recognized, according to some, as one of movies most "romantic" leading men. He gives credit to her for helping him along til this day.
Unfortunately, his attitude and condescension towards women, caused him many high end parts. Speaking of women, his affiliation with a certain actress who has reputation of waiting on men, hand and foot, and yet still can't hold a man if life and limb depended on it, has caused many of his films to go straight to DVD much like many of her own. By the way, her attitude is not that positive either. Could it be still that she is pining over a love lost?
Who is the door opener?
Who is the R&B group that failed because of their cheauvenism?
Who is the Pop artist?
Who is the kept man turned model/actor?
Who is the actress who's now on "straight to DVD" status?

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