Friday, November 11, 2011

She Says Words Hurt

Reality star, Kim Kardashian says that "words hurt". I cannot help but agree with her totally but when
a woman keeps perpetuating a negative behavior and lifestyle boarding on  extreme narcissism, people can't help but use the words as they see the person performing the actions in accordance.
Although the woman is in fact beautiful, many men, who identify themselves as white and needless mention, wealthy would not be seen in the lightest of day or the darkest of night with her but yet they are outright entertain at how men of color are taken aback by the attention she showers them with.
According to them, men of color don't seem to get that she does this because she is not wanted at all by them because of her reputation. The way one wealthy business man puts it, she "is the get out of jail free card" that they didn't mind issuing over.
As a matter of fact, some were even put out with one of their own tempting to have a relationship with her.
Interestingly enough, the reality star won't run short of male interest because right now, man is vying for her attention. Unfortunately, it's just too bad that he is a celebrity that didn't quite make it big largely due to his personal issues.
However, should she ever have her fill of all things men or feel that she has now been deemed expendable, there are women waiting in the wings for a crack at her and one is known for her relentlessness in pursuing women.
Who the lone white guy who tried to have a relationship with her?
Who is the man who is vying for her attention/affections right now regardless of his issues?
Who is the woman who is looking for first dibs?

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