Monday, November 14, 2011

God Fearing Diva

She normally hides behind a Christian visage. Most of her tours and shoots usually comprise of having male groupies or celebrity men in waiting.
With this in mind, she was and still is, consistently subjected to numerous abortions since she could never finger the father. One celebrity became brazen in his attempt to woo her outright and in total disregard of the one woman man image she was pushing in addition to being God fearing. The other celebrity who she kept at bay as long as she could is known as a home wrecker and a threat to men in general due to his penache of walking away with their beautiful wives or girlfriends.
Her current love interest was and still is oblivious to her backstage antics as he swears up and down that he has her wrapped securely around his finger..but one must ask himself, just how well does anyone has another under lock and key not matter how much control he claims to wield.
Besides, the celeb admirer who sometimes stay waiting in the shadows, has helped her many a times in keeping her love interest in check by keeping the lime light on him as a distraction to what she has going on independently of him.
Who is she?
Who is the celebrity brazen in his romantic intentions?
Who is the celebrity known for being a homewrecker?
Who is her love interest?

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