Friday, November 11, 2011

What Do Tyler Perry and Johnny Gill Have In Common?

What Tyler Perry and Johnny Gill have in common is quite obvious: an irate fan base. Perry's fans are seething that he has decided to cast reality star, Kim Kardashian in his upcoming project, "Marriage Counselor" whereas Gill's fans, which consisted, if not still, of mostly women who dated him
in their heads, are upset about his not coming out as the presumably homosexual he is...especially after having received modest reviews from his latest release, "In The Mood"

A suggestion would be rather than resort to boycotts to express any resentment over their obvious or presumed choices of whom they choose to work with or be around, let these gentlemen be and avoid buying tickets to shows, concerts, etc at all cost.
There is no need to end up jailed over something as minor as frustration over professional or personal choices.

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