Thursday, November 17, 2011

Daddy's Girl: Getting Away From A Jinx

Last week, I talked about a particular celebrity who stood behind a good girl image
to make it in the business.  Click here if you missed it as this is just the other part.
Amazing what a woman believe her wiles can get her but I guess with careful planning from her dad, anything is possible.
The sad thing about it, she cannot manage to keep her mouth shut on how her dad is managing to keep her upward bound in the business.
Her constant ramblings have cost her two relationships as it seemed that her inability to keep her mouth closed seemingly jinxed both men practically out of their careers. Both men were threatened by their organizations to lose the woman or lose everything they worked for.
Fortunately for both men, they decided to end their relationships with her to save what they had worked hard to achieve. Unfortunately, one waited until he was almost depleted in the music industry.
Who is she?
Who are the men that she practically jinxed?

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