Thursday, November 10, 2011

Big Break

She got her start in pornography as an actress in which the focus was "gang bang" and group ejaculations. She is credited for perfecting the "cum shot".
Although she was in this line of work, she dreamed of becoming a recording artist.
Interestingly enough, her big break came in the classifieds in which a producer was seeking talent; singer, dancers, musicians, etc. When she followed up, she was met with a stipulation; sex acts with multiple players in the business.
She obliged as this was nothing new to her and so began her career in music with unlimited studio recording time.
There are numerous skin flicks, in which she starred, gradually surfacing on the net from producer's "vault" out of spite and envy. According to him, if he made her regardless of her status, he can still break her. He is wished well in his attempt to do so.
Who is she?
Who is the producer?

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