Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Blind Item: Heroic Sister

Aside from this entertainer having a strong fan base, she had enough party to will two of her siblings out of legal jams they found themselves tied to; one an issue of child support for a child proven to be his and the other a matter of being implicated in his former wife's murder. Ironically, these legalities happened within a year of one another.

Her brother, with the child support woes, always enjoyed to perks of celebrity..although he clearly lived beyond his means. When it was determined he was in fact the child's father, he was nearly broke and could not afford to provide monetary support for his offspring let alone any back pay to the government who was providing the mother assistance with the child. He was owing millions. Fortunately, for him, his sister stepped in as heroin and coughed up the money to cover his debt. Good thing she was not above hocking her jewelry to cover the first few months of child support as his fame wold not suit him behind bars.
These records are sealed in the county court where the case was held.
Not within a year of recovery of  from the debt she had incurred from saving him, she had to step up and save another sibling from being implicated in his wife's death, via drowning, which was initially regarded as possible homicide/murder. I say that to say this, there were bruises about her neck and upper back that implied that she was held under water than just incidentally drowned. Rather than having faced murder charges, she had enough monetary clout to sway a legal team to say that his former wife's death was an accidental drowning although she was in fact an excellent swimmer.
Who is she?
Who are her siblings that she practically saved from being jailed?

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