Friday, January 27, 2012

Blind Item: He's So Pretty For A Druggie

This singer was mostly known for being the epitome of pretty. Most women loved his soprano voice just as much as they felt as if he was personally singing to him.

His drug addiction is considered legendary! Unlike most drug addicts, he did not start with an introductory drug, such as marijuana, he went right into the "heavy stuff".
Initially, his habit did not interfere with his ability to release albums and needless mention, perform live shows better than rehearsed.
Unfortunately, that was not going to last. He had gotten to the point where he was not able to come to the studio for recordings and was no longer capable of holding a woman's interest to save life and limb because his habit was now his way of life.
He found himself in several marriages which resulted in roughly 14 kids and none he was able to support financially.
Who is he?


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What's the answer?

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El DeBarge...

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