Tuesday, January 31, 2012

One Of The Cosby Kids Talk To Much?

Well, subliminal accordance to Bill Cosby, yes, one of the Cosby Kids did talk a tad too much.
The kid who did is none other than Tempest Bledsoe. You may remember her as 'The Cosby Show', Vanessa Huxtable. Bledsoe spilled the beans on Cosby by announcing to the world on her own television show, carefully crafted by him as a means of providing financial support, of course, that she was in fact one of his children.
Upon announcing, her talk show was quickly pulled off the air.
She was not heard from for quite some time until her talks about a reality show starring her and husband, Darrell Bell, that would have her in the role of breadwinner.
Whatever happened that show *sarcasm*?

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