Thursday, January 19, 2012

Pilar Sanders: How She Really "Snag" Deion Sanders

 A beautiful woman she may be; however, we all know that looks, without substance let alone a carefully crafted plan, can only carry a woman but so far.

Pilar Biggers had no problem with landing a man but securing a man within a high income bracket was a feat that she hoped to accomplish one way or another.
She had been involved with several high profile gentlemen, like Wesley Snipes who she supposedly refused to get a glass of water for upon his request, prior to being managed into former athlete, Deion Sanders' bank accounts.
What I mean by managed is that she was coached into getting this man since all other attempts to keep a man with money failed..and since Sanders felt that his life was spiraling out of control at the time, he was absolutely perfect!
There is no better time to pray on a man than in a time of his weakness and/or vulnerability. Therefore, when he was seeking God who else knew where to find him other than one of her relatives (who just so happen to be around during one of Sanders' "crying out" sessions), I know I don't have to mention which one, who had something to benefit from her successfully landing this man for the long haul.
Long story short, coach a heathen the bible and a financial windfall shall surely follow.
I guess Pilar had gotten a little too comfortable in her position and forgot to quote some of the scriptures she had to memorize to get the man in order to keep the man. Like Grandma use to say, "how you get 'em is how you keep 'em".

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