Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Prince Is Considered A Snooze Fest In The Bedroom

Maybe it comes with becoming an older gentleman because for the life of me, I would have never thought that singer, Prince would not know his way around a bedroom but after hearing what a former protege had to say, I willingly digress -- mostly because of the age he was at the time in comparison to now that I was hoping would be sufficient.

According to the former protege, who he had put time and effort in designing her career in entertainment, he was an absolute bore in the bedroom. Additionally, he likes for her to sleep in make up and hair perfectly coiffed after having been intimate. Needless mention, she must try to remain on her back as he would like to rise up to her looking like a doll. Unfortunately, she felt as if his bed always turned into a coffin with that requirement.
Who is she?

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