Friday, January 20, 2012

Was Paula Abdul Contracted To Marry A Relative?

Paula Abdul has not been one to fair too well with her relationships with men.
However, this could largely be relevant to her attraction to their emotionally unavailability due to their being married (one of her married flings happen to a member of well known music group which caused a professional strain on her relationship with a very particular family member.When it was found out, his then wife had a confrontation with Abdul about it forcing her husband into an ultimatum and divorce settlement that would have left him practically penniless).
The exception being the young American Idol hopeful who had his dreams dashed because he would not supposedly keep his mouth closed about his personal relationship with the singer turned judge. Perhaps they were both scorned somewhat about the outcome of the relationship. Unfortunately, he was left picking up the pieces as Abdul gracefully moved on.
Interesting tidbit about the singer is that before she struck it big in the entertainment industry, not as a noted choreographer but as a singer making a name for herself, someone wanted to slow her roll to a screeching halt.
This someone was a relative in which a contract was said to be an agreement between the two to wed.
I couldn't much blame her for wanting out of the contractual agreement especially since the man she was set to wed was a relative on her father's side. Thank goodness she had the money on hand to buy her way out.

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