Wednesday, January 18, 2012

R. Kelly: The R&B Bully

Love him or hate him, there is not denying that R&B singer, R. Kelly, is one of the most talented recording artists in the industry and can be considered one of the most successful...even with unsavory legalities surrounding his name, his career in music remains undaunted.
Therefore, whatever he is doing, he is doing it quite well with the exception of being praised or accepted by some of his peers in the industry, of course.
According to one, who is just as capable of singing and producing his own music, Kelly seems to view him as a threat and will not stop at anything to hinder his career so that his (Kelly) can get the most shine. I gather that may have truth to it considering that much of his latest music can be quickly found on youtube. Now, it doesn't matter who an artist is but not many want their music immediately accessible by that particular site so soon after releasing a track(s)...and he is one of them. Although this may be the case, Kelly knows not to jump on a track of his and make it his own.
The other recording artist problem with "The Kells" is that he jumped on one of his releases without permission and practically took the song and made it his. Needless mention, the track in question did not need any help from the R&B superstar as it was doing quite well on its own as this artist's talent stood well on its own but being that his clout was not as strong as the aforementioned artist, he just had to go with it as the executives were more on R. Kelly's side than his.
Interestingly enough, all three artists are on the same label but as long as R. Kelly is around, they can always count on him to be the R&B bully making their albums take a backseat. Either they play along as one artist has done or attempt to try and find another label.
Who are the two artists?

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