Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Reaping What He's Sewn

Now, he has always been merciless for his own entertainment.
Anyone who allowed into his life or circle has always been quick to become his victim -- insulted personally as much as publically via recordings and tapings...again for his warped sense of entertainment.
No woman or man stood a chance as he is known to become weary of both within the same breath. Mostly because he sometimes was sexually involved with both simulataneously and would threaten limb and sometimes life of his male partners if they were ever to breathe a word of their encounters. I doubt that he would have that ever to worry about considering that he would tapes of their encounters as insurance for their silence.
Since he has no one to humiliate, considering that those he has target only treats kills him with silence rather than resorting to childish bickering, he comes across as his own enemy by being a physical threat to himself. By the way, his drug addiction is only putting him in a tailspin.
Who is he?

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