Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Date This NFL Player If You Want To Be Assaulted

We have all heard of the times when Dallas Cowboys, Michael Irvin, was charged with supposedly raping a woman prior to being considered a mere sex addict to beat the charges but if you as a woman who is just dire in wanting to date an NFL ball player, even in his post years, please refrain from dating this one.

He is Caucasian with the body of a god. He is not above raping a woman no more than he is at beating her senseless upon completion. Many women are lured in by his good looks and overall sex appeal so they don't see the harm in being alone with him.
His wealth, good looks, killer physique and NFL popularity managed to get a woman to marry him regardless of his penchant for violence towards women. Unfortunately, her naivete' left her vulnerable to his attacking her until they escalated to full fledged violence.
No longer could she blame the other women for having done something to spurn on his attacks as she was now witnessing first hand accounts how brutal he can be.
However, according to him, as his wife, it was her duty to take whatever abuse he dishes out physical or otherwise. Needless mention, his bringing home other women. She accepted his abuse as well as his open indiscretions until he was convicted of having assaulted a teen nanny/sitter.
Who is he?

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