Friday, January 20, 2012

Is Beyonce Being Compensated To Remain With Jay-Z?

I am aware that there are those who believe in love at first sight just as much as gradually falling in love with a person over time because of quality of human content; however, there is the such thing as remaining "in love"
with someone due to convenience -- especially monetary.
Of course, Jay-Z was doing well for himself prior to winning the singer over but not at the cost of her looking over his level of physical unattractiveness (when she could be with an equally eligible and better looking man that she would not have to be paid to spend time with). Couple that with his penchant for being a womanizer the cost to remain would only add birthing a child;a feat that the likes of her would not want to do as that would only play on her vanity. Wreak havoc on her famous curves? possibly giving birth to a not so attractive child? Really? with someone like that.

Say whatever you want to say about Beyonce...thief, liar, con, victim of her own vanity, etc -- all that we are sure that she has heard countless times thus far but one thing is for certain that you may want to include smart or business savvy. She is definitely the one to go along at the expense of others especially when they are trying to get their way with her only to be shortchanged in their motives in some way some how.
How else to remain relevant when most people, including some fans, are as tired of her as she is of keeping up with living a lie? Being paid handsomely to feign happiness is part of good business.
As I had said previously about her "pregnancy", which a lot of people are still wagging their tongues about, it was just an arrangement via compromise that she would go along with it without having to endure it in the traditional sense.
How hard is it to go into a fertility clinic, donate several eggs and have her husband to be a fellow donor as well upon finding a suitable host to carry the child via invitro? Not hard at all.
Besides, any part of real life pregnancy would have been too much for her to bear as her figure is the catalyst of her being the money making machine that she is.

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